Autumn-Winter Programme

After the success of our Summer 2020 workshops, we’re back this Autumn-Winter with more online workshops on digital self care, self defence and safety,

Our Covid-19 report showed that almost half of women and non-binary people reported experiencing online abuse since the beginning of COVID-19 and a third of those who had experienced online abuse prior to the pandemic reported it being worse during COVID-19. 

Alongside campaigning for both government and tech to implement systematic change, at Glitch, we are committed to continue equipping women and non-binary people, as digital citizens, to flourish online safely. It’s more important than ever to make sure those disproportionately impacted by online abuse are aware of how to stay safe and how to prioritise their own wellbeing online. 

Whether you’re interested in having a public facing role, you’re working to support others in your community or you simply just want to feel safer to be you on social media, you’ll come away from our workshops with practical tools and increased control over your online presence, resulting in a happier, healthier relationship with the digital space.

Join us at our free one hour online workshops this Autumn and Winter! 

Fix The Glitch Toolkit: OBGV training for Black women and allies
Using our new Fix The Glitch Toolkit for Online Gender Based Violence (OBGV) for Black women, this workshop will help Black women and allies to gain confidence in discussing the specific online harms that Black women face, and how to have conversations around OBGV. Black women will learn about the ways to have a flourishing online presence specific to them, whilst allies will learn how to support Black women better online.
Taking place on 30th October.

Educate and Activate: Digital Self Care for womxn and non-binary people
This workshop is perfect for womxn and non-binary people who want to have a flourishing online presence but may be avoiding social media because of the fear of online abuse. This training will help you develop the confidence and knowledge to use platform settings to better serve you. It will explore vital digital self defence techniques, and a better understanding of online abuse. 
Taking place on 10th December 2020 and 9th February 2021.

Equal Power in Digital Self Defence: Keeping Politically Active Women Safe
If you’re a woman involved in grassroots campaigns or with political ambitions but fear of online abuse is preventing you from taking the next step forward, then join us at this workshop. We’ll help you to set boundaries and make digital spaces better serve you and your career ambitions. Our first digital workshop as part of the Equal Power partnership will focus on delivering free and vital online training, including creating your own digital self care plan. 
Taking place on 2nd November, 1st February 2021 and 8th March 2021.

Digital Self Care for Community Leaders
This workshop for community and campaign leaders will enable you to help others, especially the most vulnerable members of our communities who may be in need of training surrounding their online presence. We want to support you in your support of others, to enable more people to have a happier, healthier relationship with the digital space.
Taking place on 23rd November.

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