Fix The Glitch Toolkit 2.0

We are proud to launch the second version of our Fix The Glitch Toolkit.

This Toolkit 2.0 has been created to help end Online Gender Based Violence (OGBV)  specifically for Black women and to help allies provide better support online.

At Glitch, we envision an online space that is safe and inclusive for all digital citizens to participate in, particularly women and marginalised people. Sadly, Black women are disproportionately impacted by online abuse, being 84% more likely than White women to be mentioned in abusive or problematic tweets. We saw similar trends in our recent report The Ripple Effect: Covid-19 and the Epidemic of Online Abuse;  since the beginning of the pandemic 50% of Black and minoritised women and non-binary people reported experiencing online abuse. 

Following the response to our first edition of the Fix The Glitch Toolkit, which was downloaded and used by 100s of communities all over the word, we have developed a second edition for Black women to gain confidence and knowledge on OBGV, digital self defence, self care and safety. This Toolkit can be used by Black women who would like to host conversations for their community or networks – it could be your friends, family, work colleagues or activist group. 

This Toolkit is also for those seeking to demonstrate allyship to Black women online. Part of being a digital citizen is being informed, how you can help work towards a fairer and safe world for all, and inform others of how they can do the same. 

Our Fix The Glitch Toolkit 2.0 is simple to use and will only take an hour. Similarly to our first edition of our Toolkit, this will take you through five short rounds of questions, with prompts to help inform discussions and or help you feel confident to host a conversation.  In our Fix The Glitch Toolkit 2.0 you will find:

  • Instructions
  • Guidance on hosting an informative and interactive conversation
  • Question and prompt cards 

Thanks to the Minas Programam, this Toolkit is also available in Portuguese in order to reach more Black women in the UK and across the African diaspora. 

Download the Fix The Glitch Toolkit now and share this page with your networks.

Glitch is a UK registered charity. Charity number: 1187714