Better career advice needed for students at crossroad

On 10th September, Ofsted published a report revealing that the new careers guidance in schools is “not working well enough”. Three quarters of the schools visited for the survey were not implementing their duty to provide impartial careers advice appropriately. According to two YouGov polls commissioned by education company, Pearson, only one in three teachers are […]

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Education systems should encourage more dancers

Some of you may know that I am a massive fan of Sir Ken Robinson. I think he is intellectually funny and has a fresh but daring perspective on education systems. (Tickets to see him speak in London at a RSA Event on How to Change Education-from the ground up  next month sold out within minutes […]

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One great quote from the video clip: “In a system that is meant to teach and help the youth, there is no voice from the youth at all.” This is sadly very true about many education systems. Following on from my previous post Sir Ken Robinson: Changing Education Paradigms, the innovative and effective self-directed learning or […]

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A right is not a right unless you know about it: why we must defend citizenship education

As a generation we need to ensure that we are doing all we can to impart out knowledge onto the next generation. We should continually find ways to new and exciting ways to empower young people but the basic foundations have be right and delivered effectively, otherwise the knowledge built on top of these foundations […]

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