Education systems should encourage more dancers

Some of you may know that I am a massive fan of Sir Ken Robinson. I think he is intellectually funny and has a fresh but daring perspective on education systems. (Tickets to see him speak in London at a RSA Event on How to Change Education-from the ground up ¬†next month¬†sold out within minutes […]

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Top universities really are biased in favour of private school pupils

Extract from the Independent Article: “Pupils from state schools and ethnic minority groups need higher A-level results than those from private schools to get into Britain’s top universities, says a study out today.” In my opinion, this is not news nor is it current affairs. This has been happening for years and from personal experience […]

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Should we have profit-making schools?

An incredibly well-balanced and informative article on the topic, profit-making schools. An excerpt from Simon Burgess: “So profit-making is pointless at best: under the current market set-up, improvements in attainment would not make money (so would not happen) with profit-making schools, and cutting costs would make money but would either reduce attainment or leave it […]

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