Our response: Mark Zuckerberg asks governments to help control internet content

On Saturday 30th March, Facebook’s Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted in an open letter that the company needs governments’ help to control content on their platform. This includes stronger regulation around harmful content, election integrity, privacy and data portability. Glitch strongly believes these social media platforms cannot be used as a tool to spread […]

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#FixTheGlitch TweetChat: How Can We End Online Gender-Based Violence?

On 13th February we launched the first edition of our Fix The Glitch Toolkit, a resource designed to support individuals who want to help end online abuse. In 2017 The Law Commission reported 28% of UK internet users were on the receiving end of trolling, harassment or cyberbullying and, unfortunately but unsurprisingly, online abuse disproportionately […]

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Channel 5 News Interview

Our Executive Director, Seyi Akiwowo responding Amnesty International’s new report revealing abusive tweets are sent to female politicians and journalists every 30 seconds. The study also found that black and minority ethnic women were a third more likely to be targeted than white women. It’s time to fix the glitch and end online abuse

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World Suicide Prevention Day 2018

Glitch!UK is proud to announce we are taking part in World Suicide Prevention Day. A study found that victims of cyberbullying under the age of 25 are more than twice as likely to self-harm and enact suicidal behaviour. This is why we are getting involved. Our goal is to raise awareness and prevent more young […]

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