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Our mission is to end online abuse. But to do that, we need your help.

The online community is just as important as our offline one, and we are moving towards an increasingly digital future. By campaigning for more protections against online harm and running educational workshops for women and non-binary people, Glitch is leading the movement to build an inclusive online space that we all can participate in.

“Your workshops are so important. I left social media for the best part of three years because of the trauma my family faced from being abused online. I’m just regaining my confidence and I needed this course to remind me that I’m not alone. It’s definitely boosted my confidence to get out there again.”
– Anonymous workshop participant 

In summer 2020, we produced The Ripple Effect Report, which revealed a worrying increase in online abuse since lockdown measures came into place in March that year.  The subsequent lockdowns around the world have resulted in an increased demand for our services. But, to meet that demand, we need regular support from donors like you.

By donating regularly to Glitch, you’ll help us provide more free workshops for those who need advice on dealing with online abuse. Your contributions will also enable us to create more free resources for anyone who’s attend one of our workshops, and strengthen our efforts to hold governments and tech companies to account.

We are a small but mighty charity, and your regular donations will make all the difference in the work that we do.

“Thank you for your hard work and for sharing this for free! It’s so greatly appreciated and you’re making a huge difference.”
Glitch supporter

Glitch is a UK registered charity. Charity number: 1187714