Recommendations for Law Enforcement

Part of the London Online Hate Crime Hub Programme’s objectives is to train other police officers to better deal with online hate crime. This is vital. Anecdotal evidence suggests that law enforcement is routinely not taking allegations of stalking or coercive control seriously, particularly in relation to online behaviour.

  • We welcome the new Crown Prosecution Service guidance, which introduces stronger penalties for abuse on all social media platforms and offers more support and protection to victims than ever before. We recommend that all police officers are trained to understand social media, follow the recent Crown Prosecution Service guidelines changes, and treat online crime as seriously as crime committed face to face. 
  • We recommend that, to ensure adequate resources are available to support law enforcement services in this work, the UK Government ring-fences at least 1% of revenues raised through the Digital Services Tax announced by the Chancellor in October 2018.

Resources should be pledged to:

  1. Enforce existing legislation on online abuse and increase police resources.
  2. Educate the public on the importance of good online citizenship.
  3. Empower individuals and civil society organisations working to end online abuse.
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