Recommendations for Brands and Employers

Brands and employers have significant potential and resources to influence online culture, and to change the nature, scale and effect of harms users are exposed to online; they too must demonstrate digital citizenship.

We recommend that community organisations and charities seek training to better understand online abuse and online hate speech and to ensure that their organisation has a strong online code of conduct for all their staff, particularly if their organisation has a social media presence.  At the very least, organisations can look at their own social media presence and ensure they maintain high standards online, and promote values consistent with the standards they would like users to experience while engaging with their brand or services offline.

We recommend for brands and organisations to consider seriously, and support employees to discuss, how they (whether in the workplace, in an organisation, charity, political party, association or school) may help end OGBV. The following questions could be useful for framing reflections and structuring strategies:

  • Is your community mindful of online behaviours of its employees, students, members and/or are community members prepared to handle online abuse they may face?
  • Has your community sought to educate or inform its employees, students, members about online abuse, digital safety, OGBV and related topics?
  • Has your community designed policies to ensure the online safety of employees, students, members who are women and/or belong to groups who are often disproportionately targets of online abuse?
  • Has your community considered creating an online code of conduct for employees, students, members?
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