Glitch reacts to announcement of Ofcom becoming the social media regulator

Glitch welcomes the announcement of Ofcom being given more powers to regulate social media. We hope that this is the first step in the government committing more to do more to end online abuse and improve digital spaces. 

Glitch Founder and Executive Director, Seyi Akiwowo said:

“It is great to see that Ofcom’s powers will be extended to internet safety and that social media firms will be held to account over online abuse. This is long overdue, but it is a step in the right direction. The extension of Ofcom’s powers is key in making sure that there is an ability for action to be taken more quickly as new threats emerge. 

“Glitch’s advocacy focuses on working with the government and tech companies to make online spaces safer for all users. We call on the government and Ofcom to take into account disproportionate levels of abuse that marginalised communities face. 

“In the UK, Amnesty International found that around a quarter of women polled experienced harassment on social media platforms. For women with multi-intersecting identities, such as women of colour, LGBT+ women, and disabled women, it’s even worse. 

“Whilst this announcement is exactly what is needed to start to tackle online abuse, we look forward to seeing the full response in the spring. In addition to this move to further regulate our online spaces, we also need the government to take a leading role in positively reinforcing good digital citizenship. We continue to call on the government to commit to truly investing in digital citizenship education funded through a 1% tax on tech companies.”

Glitch is a UK registered charity. Charity number: 1187714