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This toolkit is designed to support individuals who want to help end online abuse but might not know where to begin.  Online abuse is a growing problem with the UK Prime Minister calling online abuse in public life “a threat to democracy”. In 2017 The Law Commission reported 28% of UK internet users were on the receiving end of trolling, harassment or cyberbullying and, unfortunately but unsurprisingly, online abuse disproportionately affects women and girls.

One in ten women in Europe having experienced some kind of online abuse after the age of 15.  Amnesty International has reported a “silencing effect” for women and girls who upon suffering online abuse have been forced to censor themselves in online spaces. Online abuse prevents women and girls from accessing relevant information, expressing their opinions and participating in public debates.  We have created this toolkit to not only raise awareness of OGBV but to begin addressing the problem by equipping communities with tools to take action.

Our Toolkit has been developed and reviewed with experts in the aim of helping individuals ignite an informative and interactive conversation about ending online gender-based violence (OGBV) in their communities. The Toolkit is designed to help you have these conversations anywhere, whether it’s at work, school, an organisation you belong to or online with other social media users.

Our Fix The Glitch Toolkit is simple to use. This resource will take you through 4 short rounds of questions, which should take roughly one hour to discuss. At the end of the conversation all participants will be more informed about OGBV and have learned ways to help end online abuse.

In our Fix The Glitch Toolkit you will find:

  • Instructions
  • Guidance about hosting an informative and interactive conversation
  • 10 top tips for hosting a successful session
  • Question and answer cards  

Please note request form for the first edition of the Fix The Glitch Toolkit is now closed if you would like to request a pack please get in touch directly.

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