Digital Self Care

At Glitch we believe that Digital Self Care is an important part of digital citizenship and creating more positive and safe online spaces. Digital Self Care is a phrase coined by our Founder and Executive Director, Seyi Akiwowo and its simply about setting and communicating your boundaries online. This very much applies to online abuse and harassment as well as time spent and content consumed. Digital Self Care includes choosing when to engage with certain topics or accounts – if at all – and how you engage with such topics and accounts. Digital Self Care is essential for your own wellbeing, to make sure that your experience with the online space is as safe and enjoyable as possible. We recommend utilising using platform settings as much as possible, and have worked with Twitter UK on this thread to maximise your Twitter experience. We pulled together some helpful resources on digital self care for you below. If you have any questions you can contact the Glitch team.

Digital Self Care Resources

Fix The Glitch Toolkit

Free online Digital Self Care, safety and defence training

Glitch on the Heidi Hauer podcast

Digital citizenship and Digital Self Care video for the Local Government Association

Seyi Akiwowo’s TedxLondon talk on ending online abuse – including digital self care

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