Digital Citizenship

Our flagship interactive workshop – Digital Citizenship – is primarily aimed at young people, in order to instil a sense of awareness and agency when navigating the online world, empowering them to do so in a positive, critical and respectful way.

As it stands, young people are critically under-skilled and poorly supported across a range of vital digital skills,making them more vulnerable to manipulation and misdirection online and thus more likely to display inappropriate behaviour in both their on and offline lives. (Institute for Structured Dialogue 2017).


Meanwhile, social media platforms have become increasingly unfriendly, unsafe and toxic environments for everyone, but particularly for young people. 1.5 million young people have been bullied online within the past year and there has been a significant reported increase in teens taking their lives because of cyberbullying. These online dangers have a profoundly negative impact upon community cohesion, mental health and wellbeing, as well as exacerbating social inequalities

Our Digital Citizenship Workshop builds upon an effective behavioural intervention model, delivered in a creative and engaging way, to help young people sharpen their online decision-making skills and adopt more positive digital lifestyles whilst reducing online abuse, bullying and hate speech.

Beyond cyberbullying and e-safety education, our fun, impactful and high-quality activities also educate young people on their digital rights and responsibilities online. Digital Citizenship provides them with the right tools to develop positive online behaviours, experiences and communities for the future.

“Workshop was engaging, interactive and real for the students” – Head of Year 7 Teacher.

We have now delivered our workshops to over 3,400 young people across England and to 100 young European Leaders in Strasbourg and Digital Citizenship has made a significant positive impact upon these young people’s online and offline lives and in their school environments. Our one hour, half a day and full day workshops are ideal for assemblies, humanities, politics, PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) classes as well as during Anti-Bullying week, Safer Internet Day and Cyberbullying day.

Our Philosophy

Through human-centred design, informed by growth-mindset theory and a creative learning approach, our Digital Citizenship Workshop guides young people towards strengthening their existing online relationships, creating new, sustainable bonds, and enabling online communities to realise their own goals. It also provides an opportunity for digital technology to be used more positively, encouraging digital democracy whilst simultaneously addressing existing inequalities. Elements of this workshop include:

  • Digital etiquette, law and security
  • Digital rights and responsibilities
  • Digital health, wellbeing and critical thinking

Digital citizenship is something everyone should be aware of and striving to practice. Read our memo to understand what digital citizenship is and what responsibilities that entails.


Thanks to our Corporate Sponsors Trust in SODA  and Institute for Canadian Citizenship we can continue to work with as many young people, colleges, youth groups and Universities as possible.  We also work with after school youth groups and young leader groups such as Youth Councillors and Young Advisors. 

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