Dealing with Digital Threats to Democracy

We’re excited to announce the release of our new resource

Dealing with Digital Threats to Democracy

A toolkit to help women in public life be safer online.

We want women to feel safe to use their voices online as well as offline at all whether a student activist, a campaigner, an elected official or a candidate seeking to stand for office. This resource, created in partnership with The Gender Institute at the Royal Holloway University of London, offers top tips on staying safe online.

We hear worrying stories of the increasing online abuse aimed at women in public life with online abuse being one of the main reasons women MPs choose not to run for re-election.

The statistics show the same: as a woman, you are 27 times more likely to be targeted. Amnesty International’s Troll Patrol Report about online violence against women found MPs experienced many forms of online abuse which is even worse for those from marginalised communities or with intersecting identities.

We’ve developed this toolkit in partnership with The Gender Institute at RHUL, with funding from Luminate and support from Schillings.

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