In July 2016 I created Use your Platform Positively #UPP in response to the lack of action by people with platforms to the recent rise of hate crime in the UK and the killings of two black fathers in the US on 6th and 7th July. Whether we like it or not ALL artists, musicians, rappers, actors, reality TV show stars, local, regional and national politicians, faith leaders, CEOs and business owners are people with platforms. They all have a platform to influence their followers, supporters, employees, constituents, the media and society- they are part of today’s influential leaders. What we’ve seen over recent years is more people with platforms speaking out against social injustices, inequalities and tragic events. This is fantastic! However, we also sadly see a disproportionate amount of people with platforms speaking out about injustices involving people of colour in the very same way they (and rightly so) spoke out about the separate killings of a Lion and Gorilla, the dreadful Orland Shootings and the terrorist attacks in Brussels and Paris.

We are constantly bombarded by millions of gossip stories on who’s dating who and then who’s breaking up, who’s fighting each other, who’s taking drugs, who’s richer, who’s lost their money, which politicians and business owner are corrupt and so forth. We are spoilt for choice when it comes to websites discussing gossip. But why aren’t we given a choice of websites that inform us of those using their platform positively, using their positions of influence to help in the fight against social injustices in the world, particularly injustices involving people of colour.

So this campaign aims to do just that! I will highlight people Using their Platform Positively #UPP, those getting involved in activism and raising awareness, particularly those speaking out about the growing animosity towards people of colour, the killings of people of colour and the structural and institutional racism across the globe.

I will share stories and profiles I come across of people Using their Platform Positively and also practical ways we as a community can encourage more people with the platforms to be #UPP and do more.

Please do get in touch if you have a story or know anyone Using their Platform Positively #UPP via UsingyourPlatformPositively@gmail.com I will be happy to share and promote it or alternatively you can use the form below.



Glitch is a UK registered charity. Charity number: 1187714