Our Vision

In today’s digital age, new social spaces and practices spring up and proliferate rapidly,  transforming how individuals meet, communicate and interact and reshaping society as a whole.

Social media platforms have proven to be breeding grounds for unfriendly, often toxic interaction, enabled by the platforms themselves who are reluctant to police their users.

In short, online abuse is a global problem and as emerging evidence shows that it adversely affects our human rights and democracy, health and social cohesion, we must take action now to prevent it becoming an entrenched and normalised in our online experience.  

We want to make the online space a safer arena for all to use, particularly women and girls.

We want to transform the current narrative of tolerance toward online abuse.  

We want to equip online users to be online leaders, active bystanders and to help fix the glitch.

This will require better self-regulation from social media companies, improved mechanisms to keep all social media users safe, policy and legal reforms that encourage an increase in reporting and prosecution of online abuse and investment in digital citizenship and resilience education.


Glitch is a UK registered charity. Charity number: 1187714