Bespoke training

Glitch delivers bespoke training for workplaces and employers who want to enhance their employees’ digital safety and help protect their employees’ mental health. Through our interactive workshops, you will develop knowledge and skills on online health and safety practices, building good digital culture and digital self-care. 

We know from our Covid-19 survey that as many organisations have transitioned to all staff working from home only 9% of employees received any training to work in the online spaces safely.

If you are an organisation who has not provided any training on Digital Self defense and Self Care we are particularly keen for you to get in touch with us and book bespoke paid training to support the wellbeing of your staff

These training sessions are specifically developed based on the needs of the organisation and are delivered remotely. This can be one to one training, small groups or large groups of 24.

Along with training thousands of young people and women on Digital Self Care and Digital Self Defence, Glitch has worked with dozens of organisations in the UK and internationally such as the Local Government Association, Amnesty International, Save the Children UK, Public Policy Forum Canada, Women’s Aid, Westminster Foundation for Democracy, Women’s Equality Party and Bloody Good Period. 

The impact of our training

The % of ‘yes’ responses between pre and post-survey

We know that our training has a lasting impact on participants and leads them to feel safer and more confident when they engage in the online space. 

  • Before our Digital Self Defence workshops, 14% of participants said they knew how to respond to online abuse. Post workshop, this increased to 99% of participants knowing how to respond to online abuse.
  • After our Digital Self Care workshops, 95% of participants said they were now able to consider self care online compared to only 56% at the start of the workshops. 
  • Prior to our Active Bystander workshops, only 11% of participants knew how to respond when others face online abuse of others. After the workshop, this had increased to 98% of participants.
  • 100% of our participants across all our workshops stated that their expectations had been met and 100% of participants would recommend our workshops to somebody else.

Testimonials from the workshops

  • “The Glitch UK webinar was a really comprehensive introduction to online safety for marginalised voices with a strong digital presence, delivered in under an hour. It would be excellent compulsory training for all institutions, governing bodies, and corporations.”
  • “The online workshop was informative and really accessible and easy to understand.  I was particularly interested in the information on how to be an active bystander as previously I’ve been unsure as to whether and how to engage”

We also offer one-to-one consultations and work with political parties, schools and Universities on Digital Citizenship and digital self care and self defence. We also work with young people to give them the tools to lead their best, most positive, responsible and engaging online lives.

Glitch is a UK registered charity. Charity number: 1187714