Digital Resilience Training

Our Digital Resilience Training is tailored to women either in or thinking about stepping into leadership, public appointments, all forms of public life and activism, who wish to have an online presence that will be a positive force to help them achieve their goals.

This training is divided into a series of workshops, which can be taken in any order, however we recommend taking our 90 minute taster session first. The taster session will give you a feel for all the workshops and allow you to choose the workshops most relevant to you in the order that works best.

Digital Self Defence Workshop
Protecting yourself upfront is the best way to ward off the worst. Stats show that women are 27 times more likely to be harassed online, making it all the more important for women in the public sphere to be prepared. In this 90 minute interactive session you’ll learn 10 vital digital self-defence tips and how to effectively document abuse.
Upcoming workshop dates:
Thursday, 31st January 2019
6.45 -8pm
The AllBright, Rathbone Place, W1T 1HR
Digital Self Care Workshop
In this 90 minute long workshop you’ll learn how to enforce personal self care online. Whether you’re a YouTuber, influencer or activist your online life shouldn’t come at the expense of your self care. In this session you’ll learn how to set and stick to personal digital boundaries and have a flourishing online presence centred around your self-care and wellbeing. You’ll come away with practical tools and feel in control of your online presence that will support you mentally and emotionally.
Upcoming workshop dates:
Tuesday, 29th January 2019
6.45 -8pm
The AllBright, Rathbone Place,W1T 1HR
Know Your Digital Rights Workshop
This workshop will arm you with the knowledge of the rights you have on each platform and the best ways to enact them. We’ll tell you how to contact support and what to do when the harassment goes beyond logging a complaint on Twitter. You will leave this workshop knowing what the law is and the most effective ways to report online abuse, as well as with a custom created guide you can use should you ever need to report online abuse to the authorities.
Upcoming workshop dates:
February 2019 – check back for details
Want a bespoke session for you, a small group or don’t see a date that works? Register your interest here.