Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. The Glitch team stands boldly and loudly in solidarity with Black communities all around the world. With many of us spending an unprecedented amount of time online during lockdown, our relationship and needs from online social spaces have changed. Particularly for Black communities who are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 and are four times more likely to die. As digital citizens our responsibilities on social media platforms and to each other have also changed. 

Free digital security training for Black Lives Matter activists
Since the violent arrest of Desmond Ziggy Mombeyarara in March and now the sad death of George Floyd, we’ve been developing an appropriate response and action we must take. We understand our responsibilities to the communities we serve and the important work that we do.  From today we are offering free digital self care and self defence training and advice for Black Lives Matter activists and campaigners who are speaking out in the media, on their platforms and in articles. We are also offering free training and advice for those speaking up for the late Belly Mujinga, because it is important to speak on the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on Black people. Research shows that race is the largest strand of online hate crime, with Black people experiencing more online than white and Asian people, and those who are politically active experience high levels of online abuse. It is more important than ever before to ensure that those who are rightly speaking out have the skills they need to protect and look after themselves online. These training sessions will be 30 minutes. Please fill in the form with your availability and we will arrange a training session with you. 
We are delivering these training sessions for free, but if you would like to help us cover the cost of these sessions, by sponsoring these sessions please donate to us here

Petition demanding that social media companies do more to protect Black lives online
We are demanding that social media companies implement new content controls to protect users from violent images and videos of police brutality. Users must be warned that the content that they are about to see may be graphic, and we such images should be blurred. Social media companies have a responsibility towards their users. We have discussed the full need for this in gal-dem. The full press release for this can be found here

A call to action from our Founder and CEO
We also understand our responsibility as a UK Charity operating across both tech and womens’ sectors. That is why we call upon all our partners, colleagues and friends in the charity, tech and women sectors to reflect, commit, improve and act. We cannot be silent and complicit in systemic injustices. We thank CharitySoWhite for their vital work and challenge in the sector.

We are calling on all tech companies to better serve Black communities online, not only bombarded by traumatic and graphic content but also dealing with disproportionate amounts of online abuse and violence.

We finally call on everyone as a digital citizen to make a renewed commitment to digital citizenship. To be responsible with their platforms and mindful of online etiquette. To be active online bystanders and help those who are on the receiving end of trolling and abuse. To help make the online space safe. 

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