First UK charity to hold online party – put on by digital citizenship organisation Glitch

Glitch, the UK’s leading charity against online abuse, is set to become one of the first charities in the UK to hold an online party for supporters in light of the lockdown restrictions.

On Monday 13th at 3pm, Glitch will be holding an online party for supporters to celebrate their achievements over the past three years. 

Focusing on ending online abuse, championing digital citizenship and holding tech companies to account, Glitch is using this birthday party as an opportunity for its audience and supporters to also see how the internet can bring people together and be used for positivity during this time. The use of digital spaces has increased significantly in light of Covid-19, digital citizenship is more important than ever before, and Glitch is leading on this by presenting fun, but practical ways of connecting digitally whilst practicing good digital citizenship. 

Glitch runs workshops equipping people with the skills they need for digital citizenship, with 99% of participants saying that they would recommend their workshop to someone else, and over 70% of respondents felt confident using tools and systems to protect themselves online. 

Glitch Gounder and Executive Director, Seyi Akiwowo, said “We are proud to celebrate the achievements that Glitch has made over the past three years – from training thousands of people on digital citizenship to presenting at the United Nations. 

“The internet can be an immense force for good. We are excited to be one of the first charities to host this type of event. We’re also developing our response to covid-19 and continuing to work on other digital events including workshops and discussions highlighting the positive impacts of technology with good digital citizenship.” 

Supporters joining the online celebrations will also have the opportunity to chat with the Glitch team and listen to some great music on the bank holiday. DJ Tomiwa will be playing music requests for guests. DJ Tomiwa is a British-Nigerian DJ who prides himself on versatility. Since starting his DJing journey in 2012, he has rocked countless crowds of varying ages and backgrounds, including large concerts and international events, with over one million plays on Youtube.

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Glitch is a UK registered charity. Charity number: 1187714
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