Glitch’s Response to the New Crown Prosecution Service Social Media Guidelines

Read the new guidelines here:

What’s new

Glitch celebrates the adoption of new social media guidelines by the CPS. It is a step forward to fix the glitch and end online abuse.  These guidelines show the commitment of the UK to the United Nation treaties and resolutions, adopting real measures to protect Human Rights in our national legislation. We are pleased to see our recommendations are being heard and acted upon.

Our Concerns

Glitch would like to know what steps will be taken to effectively implement these guidelines. The police are currently under-resourced and for these guidelines to be effective there must be investment in and transparency around the training and capacity of prosecutors and law enforcement teams.

Civil society groups also need to see how data is being collected, strengthen sex and age-disaggregated data collection and publication as recommended in the Harlevoix Commitment. We hope that reports will be publicly shared for all to analyst the impact of these guidelines and that the CPS will work with civil society groups to ensure these guidelines are effective.                

For more information

The UN Resolutions to eliminate violence against women and girls: preventing and responding to violence against women and girls in digital contexts

Harlevoix commitment to end sexual and gender-based violence, abuse and harassment in digital context


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