Glitch’s response to Ch4 adverts featuring online abuse

Tonight, during a commercial break on GoggleBox, Channel 4 will broadcast adverts overlaid with abuse that has been directed at the people who feature in them via social media platforms.

The online abuse, including all manner of terrible things including death threats, received by those featured in these ads is shameful and we massively empathise with those having to deal with this. Glitch!UK believes each person is incredibly brave for telling their story and allowing the ads to be re-played in the hope it will bring awareness and change.

Social media companies must do better to enforce their own rules and take down inappropriate, abusive and illegal content. We believe they have a duty to ensure all their users feel safe on their platforms.

Companies that run ads like these also have a duty to protect those they work with. This should include clear anti-hate and safe online community policies accessible via their social media accounts.

Brands and companies can be leaders in helping #fixtheglitch. They have trust and people have relationships with them, take Nike’s new campaign with Colin Kaepernick, for example. Companies can help lead social change but to do it they need to vocalise their rebuke of this abuse.

We can all be active bystanders. Call out trolls when you see them, report them to the platforms they’re being abusive on and drown out their negative comments with positive ones. We can all be digital citizens and help #fixtheglitch.


You can contact our Communications Manager and Director via info[AT] for further comment.

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