Our response to the US leaving the UN Human Rights Council the day before an important session

President Trump has announced the United States will leave the United Nations Human Rights Council a day before the 38th Human Rights Council session on the human rights of women.

We agree with Salil Shetty, Amnesty International’s Secretary General “while the Human Rights Council is by no means perfect and its membership is frequently under scrutiny, it remains an important force for accountability and justice.”

Two panel discussions have been scheduled for 38th Human Rights Council session, The impact of violence against women human rights defenders and women’s organizations in digital spaces and  Advancing women’s rights through access and participation in information and communication technologies.

We agree with the statements shared by the United Human Rights Council, diplomats and nation leaders around the world. However we hope this announcement does not dominate, overshadow nor derail from the important work to be discussed this week. We share solidarity with all US Civil Society groups that will be affected by this announcement and those attending the 38th Human Rights Council session.

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