Collaborating with Feminist Internet at Somerset House Studios

One of Glitch!UK’s fundamental principles and ways of working is partnership. We believe working in partnership with great organisations, activists and survivors is key to amplifying our collective voice, increasing our impact and to avoid duplicating work.
Shout out to Slay in Your Lane for recommending Glitch!UK to Dr Charlotte Webb Chief Leopard of the Feminist Internet. Feminist Internet began as a UAL Futures studio, and the participants have developed a fantastic Feminist Internet manifesto. Check out their brilliant new short video that explains more about them and all the great work they do.
One of their manifesto directives is about eradicating online violence, and it was through discussions of online violence that synergies between us developed. There was a particular resonance around viewing online violence as something that is wrong with the internet but that can be solved. For the Feminist Internet online abuse is seen as a virus; for Glitch!UK we see it as a temporary malfunction, an online glitch.
We recently collaborated on the Feminist Internet Digital Clinic, an event and panel discussion at Somerset House Studios on 4th December. We sold out tickets a week before the night, which shows how much interest there is in this topic! The Feminist Internet Digital Clinic was about helping to fight back and initiate a healing process. Discussions focused on empowering attendees to become antibodies to take actions that can neutralise the infection of online harassment.
Before the panel discussion and Q&A there were presentations from UAL students and New York artist Caroline Sinders on different forms of online abuse, as well as their causes and impact.
Panelists: Travis Alabanza, Azmina Dhrodia from Amnesty International, myself Seyi representing Glitch!UK and Dr Charlotte Webb from Feminist Internet as Chair. This was by far one of the most diverse group of panelists I’ve been involved with.
Glitch!UK had its first interactive stall where antibodies (attendees) could sign pledges and provide recommendations to how social media platforms can fix the glitch.

Glitch!UK Stall

It was clear during and after The Feminist Internet Digital Clinic that there was a real need to discuss this topic further and continue empowering people to become antibodies and fixers.
We want to continue the Glitch!UK and Feminist Internet collaboration and The Feminist Internet Digital Clinic on tour around the UK and particularly around Universities. We’re also keen to develop a concept that allows those that haven’t experienced online abuse and harassment to see, feel what it’s like, maybe through virtual reality.
If you’re interested in supporting this collaboration and or booking The Feminist Internet Digital Clinic please do get in touch.
Feminist Internet Poster


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