#16Days: Officially Recognise Online Abuse as a Form of Violence Against Women

Online violence against women and girls and online hate speech is a glitch in our online world and social media companies can and must fix it #GlitchUK (13)
We ask The Conservative Party, The Labour Party, The Liberal Democrats, The Green Party and the Women’s Equality Party to recognise online abuse & harassment as a form of violence against women and demand better self-regulation from social media companies. Who will say yes first?

On the 16th and final day of commemorating the international campaign to Eliminate Violence Against Women, the UK Government and UK political parties should lead the way in treating online violence against women and girls in the same way as physical violence.

We urge the political parties to include educational training workshops as part of their manifesto commitments.

We need training for young people so they can understand what online abuse means and how they can act as good citizens. This should be extended for those who work with young people so they can spot the signs – rather than just issuing bans on phones and websites in schools.

We must train online tech companies and those developing apps and social media platforms. They must learn from the mistakes of current social media companies. There are current attempts to fix the online abuse glitch but new platforms should not have these glitches in the first place.

Finally, but by no means least, all political parties must demand that social media companies be more accountable and be more transparent with how they enforce their own rules.

Sign one of these pledges, share this on social media and encourage at least three of your friends to do the same:

I pledge never to commitment, condone, or remain silent about online violence against women and online hate speech in all its form #GlitchUK”

“I pledge to join the movement to end online violence against women and online hate speech in my lifetime #GlitchUK”

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