Jeremy Corbyn cares for the young!

Finally someone political cares for young people. Jeremy Corbyn (the leader of the Labour Party), partners up with one of the most influential grime artists JME to educate young people on the importance of registering to vote. JME is someone that young people look up to; he has been an integral member within the grime scene for many years and for Jeremy Corbyn to take interest is a good sign of hope for the United Kingdom. Jeremy Corbyn didn’t only team up with JME, but he also had a genuine conversation about the reasons why young people are less likely to vote. This already shows a leader who is concerned about the youth and is using his platform positively to create solutions to encourage the youth to register to vote in order for the youth’s voice to be heard. It is inspiring to see Labour’s political leader taking such an interest in young people. It shows that change is about to happen for young people. Both using their platform positively to educate the young and inspire the political leaders to connect with young people.

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