Akon Lighting Africa

Artist Akon is known for his musical talents and his hit songs ‘lonely’, ‘belly dancer’ and ‘smack that’. Besides his musical talent, Akon started a charity in 2014 called ‘Akon Lighting Africa’.

In Africa approximately, there are 600 million people still living without electricity. As a child, Akon knew the realities of not be able to access power this is why this project is important so other people don’t go through what he went through. To tackle this problem this charity aims to provide solar powers in African communities that lack electricity. Also, Akon and his two co-founders have opened a solar academy to help train and educate engineers to produce solar energy in Africa. This charity gives opportunities for Africans to devise new innovative and technical solutions for their local community. Akon Lighting Africa gives hope to Africa, that change is coming and Akon using his platform positively allows the world to see the good work he is doing.

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