George Michael was #UPP


Last night we heard the awful news that our North London, Greek Cypriot Prince Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou a.k.a George Michael had passed away. In the spirit of what #UsingYourPlatformPositively aims to do I wanted to counter a lot of the negative “turbulent” coverage of George *coughs Sky News* and highlight some of George Michael’s fantastic humanitarian and activist work.

  1. In 2003 George Michael used his platform to oppose the Iraq War
  2. Also in 2003 George partnered up with Garage Queen Ms Dynamite to create an anti-war version of my favourite George Michael song, Gotta Have Faith. They even performed the song at the Brits!- It’s been a long time since I’ve heard a protest song!
  3. The really smart man off the TV shared this kind story
  4.  George Michael often kept aside free tickets to his concert for NHS staff
  5. George would give royalties for his legendary songs like Last Christmas and Jesus to a Child to Ethiopian famine relief and charities like Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity.
  6.  Sali Huges revealed this secret about George.
  7. Last night the CEO of School Home Support told me George Michael donated £2,000 to the East London Charity which provide personalised support to children and families to to improve the educational  life chances of children.
  8. Why wasn’t he ever Sir George Michael? Can we start a campaign to rectify that? 



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