Features on Newham Recorder

Maryland residents anger over ‘dirty and messy’ Tesco store

2nd Feb 2017: Newham councillor Seyi Akiwowo told she should die from a STD by racist trolls on Twitter

2nd Jan 2017: Forest Gate Councillor Calls for Questions by Jon King

15th Nov 2016: Police ‘Using all of our Resources’ to Tackle Rising Gun Crime in Newham- by Kat Hopps

10th Nov 2016: Newham Councillor Asked to Present Ideas to MEPs in Brussels – by Kat Hopps

11th July 2016: Anti-Racism Protestors Held in Forest Gate – by Mark Shales

16th April 2016: Forest Gate Fun Day Raises £600 for Hall Decoration – by Sophie Morton

13th April 2016: Residents Appeal to Next Mayor for Maryland Rezone- by Phoebe Cooke

30th Jan 2015: Students Grill MPs in Newham Youth Question Time at Town Hall – by Adam Barnett

27th May 2014: Local Elections 2014: Meet Newham’s Youngest Councillor – by Janine Rasiah 

10th Dec 2013: Delegates Witness Legacy of Srebrenica’s Genocide from Yugoslavia’s Bloody Civil War- by Mike Brooke


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