Environmentalist & actor #leonardodicaprio is #UPP

#TheRevenant star – who has a self-titled foundation which aims to protect the world and #endangeredspecies – is in talks for the rights to the 1990s #cartoon series.

The #CaptainPlanet and the Planeteers #TV show aired from September 1990 and told the story of five youths from across the globe who were sent magic rings, four with the power to control an element of #nature and one controlling heat.

The movie could be an ideal fit for #environmentalist #DiCaprio who, through his foundation – which he set up in 1998 – has pledged millions to #environmental groups over the years.

He once said: ‘The destruction of our #planet continues at a pace we can no longer afford to ignore.

‘We have a responsibility to innovate a future where the habitability of our planet does not come at the expense of those who inhabit it. I am proud to support these organisations who are working to solve humankind’s greatest challenge.’ – The Daily Mail

#UsingyourPlatformPositively #environment #climatechange #rolemodel #actor #titanic


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