#Hillsong church is using its global platform to discuss the racism, #policebrutality and the churches response.

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Grateful for these people… We took time tonight to gather the church and have an open conversation about the realities of #racism and injustice experienced by many across our nation today. I can’t begin to truly understand what it’s like; but I want to at least hold my opinion long enough to LISTEN and EMPATHIZE with those who are afraid and hurting and frustrated. This was the start of many conversations that need to be had; and even when the media goes quiet, The Church will remain loud at fighting injustice of all description. Thank you Niyah, PJ, and Sam… And SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to ALICIA who so beautifully and transparently described the tension between being #AfricanAmerican and in law enforcement with the #LAPD for the past 18 years… You touched my heart tonight. #blacklivesmatter

#hillsongNYC #NYC #church #terencecrutcher #keithlamontscott


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