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This is the powerful message behind the controversial and daring song/video released by @cobimusic: A white Artist with a voice full of power & soul who dared to use his platform to bring awareness to a topic that is boiling in the black community. In a time where the #BlackLivesMatter movement is constantly being diminished by #AllLivesMatter protesters while the #black man is theoretically hanged by systematic injustice, it is a breath of fresh air to see a visual demonstration of what is happening in this country: a literal and explosive depiction that many black artists are afraid to portray.

So what gives @cobimusic the balls to have a black man hanging in his new music video?

Let’s start with the creation of the song “Don’t You Cry For Me.” Cobi says that he often writes music based off what he’s feeling. “My friend Michael Raymo and I began writing the song around the time when #MichaelBrown was killed, #Baltimore was uprising, and people around the country were protesting. The song can really be interpreted in many ways, to meet any struggle. A story of a person hanging by their own fear.”
@cobimusic says he was scared to cover the topic, unsure if he had the “right” or the “place” to talk about an issue that is so important in the black community: “Should I have a voice in this world? Is it okay for me to say how I feel about it?
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