Why are people protesting?
Zimbabwe has run out of money.
Last month, all civil servants were paid late. Soldiers and police were paid after a two-week delay and teachers and nurses were among those who were only paid in the wake of last week’s stay away.

Charismatic Pastor #EvanMawarire began a social media movement in May under the hashtag #ThisFlag, when he spontaneously posted a video online, expressing his frustration at the state of the nation.

It went viral and spurred him to continue urging Zimbabweans to find their voice and demand accountability from their government.

His outspoken videos in English and Shona are careful to say that non-violence is key, but other agitators are not so guarded.
Sadly Pastor Evan has bern arrested but the two day #shutdownzimbabwe #ShutDown2016 is still going ahead on 13th and 14th July.

Ps Evan is #UPP and we send our love and prayers to you.


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