Happy New Year!!! =)

Happy New, Fun, Loving, Restful and Blessed New Year to you ALL!

First, I want to sincerely apologise for not updating my blog in quite a while. My life has been so hectic but this is not an excuse of inconsistency =(

I am back and back with a bang!

As it is the first month of a brand new year, many of us are wishful, hopeful and daring at the moment and looking for inspiration to help keep to those new years resolution and keep the momentum going (I know I certainly do!) So, for the whole month of January I will frequently be sharing links to inspirational game changers in world of education.

The first game changer is Michelle Rhee:

Ms Rhee is known as a controversial education reformer who fought to change the American public school system. As former DC Chancellor, Rhee made headlines when she shook up one of the toughest school systems in the country and closed 15 per cent of the district’s public schools, firing hundreds of teachers in the process. The education establishment fought back, and Rhee was criticised by some parents and students. In 2010, Rhee announced the launch of StudentsFirst, a national organisation she hopes will enable the US to regain its competitive edge in education. (Source: Bloomberg)

Check out this influential video: “Michelle Rhee Profiled: Bloomberg Risk Takers

(Source: Bloomberg)

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  1. The No Child Left Behind Act has created a culture where cheating scandals, i.e., inflating grades and test scores, has become the normal in America’s public schools. Investigations have occurred in several school districts: Rhee’s Washington, DC, Houston, New York, Detroit and Atlanta, among others!

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