Young people take over the UN in the name of quality education for all

Here is an article I wrote for the European Youth Forum about #MalalaDay

Today marks the day of a young brave girl’s birthday, Malala Yousafzai. An attempted assassination was made on her life last year because she advocates for young female rights to education in Pakistan. Today, on Malala’s 16th birthday,  hundreds of students from more than 30 countries will call for quality education for all in a unique Youth Assembly, where diplomats will take a back seat as young people take over the United Nations.

Currently there are 57 million children around the world that are denied access to education as we speak and sadly, many of these children will grow up having never been to school or had access to basic education. In addition, more than 120 million young people between the ages of 15 and 24 lack basic reading and writing skills, putting them at odds with the evolving job market. As discussion on the post-2015 development goals have started, the European Youth Forum calls on United Nations to ensure more is done to address the millions that are denied their human right to education and to effectively involve youth in the process.

Their request is simple: a new global goal to put every child on the planet in school. Experts say that this proposal to address the global education crisis would only cost the same as two nuclear power plants. Key points from the proposal include, guaranteeing equality for girls and marginalised youth that are disproportionately denied education, more efficient methods to better target spending on education to close the gaps and guarantee every child has at least 9 years education.

Read more about the new worldwide petition calling for urgent action to ensure the right of every child to safely attend school. The petition was launched with the backing of the United Nations Special Envoy for Education, Gordon Brown. You can also show your support.

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