Education systems should encourage more dancers

Some of you may know that I am a massive fan of Sir Ken Robinson. I think he is intellectually funny and has a fresh but daring perspective on education systems.

(Tickets to see him speak in London at a RSA Event on How to Change Education-from the ground up  next month sold out within minutes =[)

Today, I came across a short video clip from 2006 of Sir Ken speaking at a TEDTalks on “Do schools kill creativity?” and always he did not disappoint, I had to pause the clip a few times so I could take legible notes:

As somebody who had to give up pursing dance professionally because it was not a “stable career path”, I empathise with thousands of young people who have and are given a similar speech and with those who feel inadequate  in school because they do not fit into socially constructed “norms” of education.

Below are what I thought were key points in Sir Ken’s presentation and some of my opinions:

  • Education systems place importance on particular subjects and professions so we need to rethink our education systems as they are currently serving a particular commodity, training to be University Professors”and not serving the future. This is no longer sustainable as the world is engulfed in various revolutions including a revolution within the labour market and ‘traditional’ jobs. 
  • Academic inflation: Jobs that required only a BA now require an MA and jobs which required an MA now require a PHD-  this is also not sustainable.
  • Many young people with a ‘different’ talen cannot flourish because it tends to be stigmatised in school.
  • We need to rethink our views on intelligence, intelligence is: diverse, dynamic and distinct.

Governments need to be open and provide adequate time, resources and expertise to rethink their education systems. Education in my opinion should focus on life and learning first and then the labour market. If we do not so this soon, we will all be guilty of subjecting another generation to an unequal, outdated, ‘creative killing’ education system.

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